9 Years of Explosive Growth


Did you hear about the Scotsman, the Englishman and the three Irishmen?

Well, no one is more amazed than them that, over the past nine years, around a million people in Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, South Sudan and now Congo have looked at Jesus in Mark’s Gospel using Christianity Explored (CE ). As with all gospel growth, it is the story of God at work in and through his people.

I am the Scotsman, Stephen is the Englishman, brothers John and Brian are two of the Irishmen and the third is Jim.

Jim was an executive in the agrichemical industry when, knowing of his interest in their work, Kiwoko Hospital identified him as someone with the skills needed to project manage the hospital’s development in rural Uganda. Although they had a strong interest in the work of the hospital neither Jim nor his wife Margaret previously had the faintest inclination to do anything like that. But, because they belonged to an encouraging church that took gospel mission seriously, and because they had an overwhelming sense of the Lord’s hand on the matter, they retired early and moved from Bangor to rural Uganda.

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