Peacemaker Mediators launch invitation reverseThe following commendations have been received from members of the International Board of Reference and other friends unable, because of distance, to attend the charity launch.

“Christ is risen. He is risen indeed. A most blessed Easter-tide to you all present at the launching of Peacemaker Mediators.  Cesare Pavese once said: ” The only joy in the world is to begin.”  May it be a joyful beginning indeed. I am awfully sorry for not being able to be with you. Physically absent? Yes.  But with you in the spirit, ever committed to the cause of peace, of justice, of reconciliation, and the Peacemaker Mediators principles and the Charity. May God, in His mercy, who in Christ reconciled us to Himself, count me worthy to be entrusted with His mission and ministry of peace-making and reconciliation”.  As for the Rev. Dr. Stephen Sizer, I cannot find enough words to thank him for the way he stood firm in his convictions and support to peace with justice in the Land of the Holy One, for Palestinians as well as for the Israelis. What more, for counting the privileges of a stable job in the church institution secondary to fulfilling God’s call. in availing himself totally to the task of promoting  the TRUTH in Christ and the JUSTICE of God in initiating  the Peacemaker Mediators Charity at a time and era in human history most needed.  In Christ, + Bishop Riah Abo El Assal

“It is due time the church in the west understood its role to be greater than giving charity to the most needy or to convert others into Christianity. The core of the church is to be a voice for peace. This is the cornerstone Peacemaker Mediators is creating, to raise the church to become, especially in the most volatile areas, the voice of peace.” Sami Awad, Founder & Executive Director, Holy Land Trust

“I am delighted to learn of the launch of Peacemaker Mediators, taking its lead from the One Mediator between God and humanity who made Peace by the blood of his cross ( 1 Tim 2:5; Col 1:20; Eph 2:13ff). It aims to embrace and develop our Christian calling as ministers of reconciliation. There is no task more urgent or important in today’s stricken world.” Canon Dr Michael Butterworth, retired Principal of the St Albans & Oxford Ministry Course

“I am grateful for the opportunity to endorse Peacemaker Mediators on the occasion of its launch. I am certain Stephen, with his deep sense of God’s call for justice for people on the margins, will lead this work with conviction and sincerity. I pray that God will use this initiative to bring hope and healing to many such people.” Philip Church, Senior Research Fellow, School of Theology, Laidlaw College, Auckland, New Zealand

 “We (as Christians), are all called to be Christ’s Ambassadors of Peace and Reconciliation. Peace and Reconciliation is only possible through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and by the one new mankind born again of the Holy Spirit – let us, who have been entrusted with the Word of God, not be waylaid or distracted by the political or philosophical opinions or agenda of mere men.” Peter Cohen, Messianic Good News, South Africa.

“I am very pleased to endorse Peacemaker Mediators. As a long time campaigner of issues of justice and peace Stephen will lead this work with conviction, compassion, and with a deep sense of participating in God’s restorative mission to bring hope and healing to the world.” Dr Alistair Donaldson, Lecturer & Internship Coordinator, Distance Learning, Laidlaw College, Auckland, New Zealand

“You’ve always been beside the vulnerable and oppressed people and you always will be. You are a sincere and earnest man of God. My utmost salute to you.” Jalal Fairooz, exiled Bahraini MP

“It is clear that peace in our world is under threat in these uncertain times.  As has so often been the case in the history of our world, peace in the Middle East is critical to peace in our world.  We know that peace cannot be achieved at the expense of justice and truth.  The charitable sector, independent of the forces of power, and rooted in eternal values, has a vital role to play in listening to all the voices and especially the voice of the excluded, and providing space for fresh ideas, has a vital role to play in the hard task of travelling the road towards peace. I hope the launch goes well and that this new and exciting piece of work will flourish. With my prayers and encouragement.” The Right Revd John Gladwin, retired Bishop of Chelmsford

“When I think of Stephen Sizer, some quick phrases come to mind, “courageously tenacious, Biblically centered, justice driven, serial communicator, steadfastly loyal to the least, lost and lonely.” You are a prophet to this age, a role that comes with bruises, scrapes, overwhelming obstacles” and always “unfinished business.” God knew what he was doing at the creation of the small form that would eventually be you. Oh yes, one last word, “obstinately faithful!”  Steve Haas, Catalyst –  Senior Engagement Leader

I am very honored to be among the “Peacemakers” and the “Mediators” as part of the newly founded charity under the leadership of my dear friend, the Reverend Doctor Stephen Sizer.  There are many peacemaking organizations around the world. However, this new Peacemaker Mediators charity has a special emphasis – it follows biblical principles.  The Lord Jesus Christ is the only model and true example for teaching peace and reconciliation to a confused and often blind society. I pledge my support for Stephen’s vision with prayer and advocacy. May the Lord’s blessing and grace grant you, Stephen, all the needed wisdom, joy, and peace. Rev. Dr. Manfred Kohl, Ambassador Overseas Council International, residing in Nova Scotia, Canada

 “From the streets of Jerusalem and Bethlehem… To the churches and University halls in North Carolina, Stephen Sizer is an inspiring presence of peace! With his dedication and under his leadership, Peacemaker Mediators will thrive…as a powerful Christian witness for: truth-telling, justice seeking, peacemaking and reconciliation!” Mary Lou Leiser Smith, Founder & Former Director, Coalition for Peace with Justice

“In our troubled world Christians are needed who not only acclaim peacemaking but who are also willing to take the risk to mediate peace.  As the name suggests, Stephen Sizer has offered himself to be a Mediator in making Christ known by peacemaking.” The Right Revd Azad Marshall, Co-Adjutor Bishop of Raiwind, Pakistan

“I am very pleased that your plan to focus your ministry on what is closest to your heart is taking shape. At last you will be able to devote all your time to the work that I believe (with you and many others) the Lord has called you to. The title of the charity says it all, well done!” Dr Chawkat Moucarry, Interfaith specialist and author

“I warmly commend the vision and ethos of Peacemaker Mediators. I pray that the charity will be effective in encouraging many expressions of making peace and promoting reconciliation along some of the fault-lines of our fragmented world today. Blessings and prayers!” The Right Revd Bill Musk, retired Assistant Bishop for North Africa, Diocese of Egypt and North Africa

“I am truly honoured to support you in this exciting new venture and continue our friendship and joint efforts to expose the heresies of Christian and political Zionism, the injustices they perpetuate and cover-up, and how we might better honour the model and liberation theology of Jesus and the Kingdom of God.  Blessings to you, your family, the supporters on the Boards of Reference, and may our joint efforts and fellowship together bring an end to the suffering of the Palestinians and progressive Israelis, and the Christians throughout this troubled region. Rev. Dr. Don Wagner, former National Program Director, Current Adviser in Theology to Friends of Sabeel–North America