Spiritual Jogging in Australia

One of the upsides (or is that downsides?) or spending two weeks with a professional boxer is you cannot avoid getting involved in their fitness regime – physical and mental. During my recent lecture tour of Australia I went jogging with Father Dave Smith, his wife Angela and their dog Noodle, around Sydney Bay. Dave left me well behind as did Angela, but I was determined to keep up with Noodle. I failed…


Dave also took me to their Christian retreat centre, Binacrombi, three hours drive west of Sydney, out in the bush beyond the Great Divide by the Abercrombie River. It was the most peaceful place I have ever visited. I wish we could have stayed a week. The impact of being totally isolated with no people, no traffic, no noise, no mobile phone reception, no internet, even for just 24 hours was profound.


I don’t remember seeing the Milky Way look so bright against a jet black sky.  It was also the first and only time I can remember sleeping eleven hours without interruption.