Australian Broadcasting Corporation


While in Melbourne recently, David Rutledge, a national radio presenter for the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC), interviewed me for a Radio National Breakfast programme aired on Good Friday. David wanted to interview me about Christian Zionism and its destructive influence in the Middle East, about antisemitism and Israel. We  also discussed the work of Peacemaker Trust and the meaning of Easter. David had clearly researched the subjects carefully and his questions were challenging but fair.


Seen here with Revd Dave Smith, vicar of Holy Trinity, Dulwich Hill, Sydney

In the promo for the programme, ABC wrote,

“Many evangelical Christians today are convinced that recent events in the Middle East herald the imminent return of Christ and the establishment of his kingdom on earth – and Israel is central to the whole plan. These are Christian Zionists, and according to Stephen Sizer they’re misguided — and possibly dangerous.”

You can listen to the interview here