Sabeel-Kairos: Investing for Peace

Following the very successful annual conference in Oxford on 30th June, Sabeel-Kairos UK have published Investing for Peace: A Guide for Local Church Activists.


This booklet outlines the Morally Responsible Investment Campaign; in which Sabeel-Kairos and other partners, including Peacemakers, are asking churches:


– to fully disclose financial information and lists of their investments in companies and businesses, in a simple and coherent way.

– to identify any companies in their investment portfolio which are currently profiting from situations in which international law is violated, including illegal exploitation of natural resources, illegal construction of the separation barrier and its related infrastructure, and illegal settlements.

– to put in place a comprehensive investment screening process, to identify companies that they currently invest in who are profiting from illegal activity, and to prevent future investments in such companies.

– to ask churches to review their current policy of corporate engagement with companies in their investment portfolio found to be profiting from violations of international law. To make it time-bound and structured. This may potentially result in a change of investment strategy.

Download a pdf copy of Investing For Peace for free here

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Stephen was a member of the Interfaith Group for Morally Responsible Investment and in 2005, helped challenge the Church of England’s Ethical Investment Advisory Group to revise their advice on Caterpillar. The IMRI campaign eventually led to the Church of England General Synod agreeing to divest from Caterpillar. Download a copy of the brochure provided to members of the Church of England General Synod here.