Water of Life

Remember the last time you drank a glass of cool, clean, refreshing water? It tasted good didn’t it? And if you are like me, you probably didn’t even think about it.

In 2011, the church family of Virginia Water helped provide a well for Goshen school and Nkondo village in Uganda. It cost £6,000 to survey the ground, dig the well and install a pump. Providing safe clean drinking water has significantly reduced mortality rates as well as sickness and disease for hundreds of people.

30057825705_9154fc18de_kA Ugandan based charity called Fields of Life which helps build schools in East Africa also installs wells for schools and communities providing safe clean water.

We are in the preliminary stages of identifying another community in East Africa in need of a well in cooperation with Fields of Life in the hope that in 2019, Peacemaker Trust will be able to raise sufficient funds to complete the project.