Feeding Sudanese Refugees in Cairo

IMG_5033Every Sunday after church, Sudanese refugees in Cairo receive a simple meal.  They get one or two sandwiches. We serve 6 churches from different denominations.  In total about 850 people each week. Half of those are children. We do this because these people are refugees in Cairo and get very little help.  It is also a small token of our love for them.  And it encourages the community life of the churches.


The weekly cost of about 1200 sandwiches is about £135  per week. Imagine how much one donation of £135 can do!

Thank you,
Revd Dr Jos Strengholt

If you wish to contribute, you may do so through an NGO in The Netherlands. They transfer all money to Revd Strengholt in Cairo.

Name NGO: Vogelaar Donaties

IBAN: NL51RABO0175284733


Address: Tussenlanen 45
Postal code: 2861 CC
City: Bergambacht (Netherlands)