Kairos Ireland

That Justice and Peace Might Embrace” is the founding statement by Kairos Ireland, an all-Ireland ecumenical organization. The document calls on Irish churches and individuals to listen to the message of the Kairos Palestine call; to lobby the UK and Irish governments to uphold international law; to follow the lead of American Churches in divesting from investments in the illegally occupied Territories; and to follow principles of ethical tourism when visiting the region.

“This initiative comes at the right time.” writes Rifat Kassis, the chairperson of Kairos Palestine. “All of us need to intensify our efforts to stop the bloodshed.” The chairman of Kairos Ireland, Methodist minister John Parkin says, “Members of Kairos Ireland have seen the daily injustice of the occupation in Gaza and the West Bank. We long for an end to military domination. We support those people in Palestine and Israel who are working for a just peace often at great cost to themselves. A statement by Pope Benedict in 2007 sums it up: ‘..only an end to the occupation and a just peace with the Palestinians will offer security to Israel and release its people from the weight of anxiety that hangs on them.’”

Download the Kairos Ireland Statement pdf here: That Justice and Peace Might Embrace

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