Holy Land Trust: 2020 Summer Projects

Elias D’eis, Executive Director of Holy Land Trust, shared with me recently about their exciting Iktashef Summer Project. To find out more visit Iktashef

In this short video Elias shares about the Holy Land Trust Home Rebuilding Project being planned for 2021 in partnership with Amos Trust

Holy Land Trust offer a wide range of programming, seasonal tours, and volunteer opportunities to allow people to connect in deeper ways to the Holy Land.

What makes Holy Land Trust unique?

Holy Land Trust is neither a political nor a religious organization. We seek to practice and live a life motivated by unconditional love and not fear. We believe in the possibility of truth and goodness between all people and their ability to relate to each other with empathy and compassion.

We do not promote any political agenda. The land should not be divided and separated, and the peoples of the land must not be segregated from each other out of fear and racism.

While we realize that there has to be a political framework for justice to be materialized, we engage in understanding the core and deeper issues that prevent a real and just peace from being realized. While many want to build the house, we want to help in building the foundation.