There is no mercy without love nor kindness or tenderness: Bishop Atallah Hanna

God, my beloved, cannot be reached through rituals only, while reiterating the rich traditions of the Orthodox church in this regard that flow magnificently and help us grasp our faith, manifest it with all its beauty, exactly like a great poet who writes a beautiful poem for which tunes are composed, the lyrics are colored and packaged with nice music that helps us understand the words better through a beautiful voice that brings joy to our ears and impacts deeply our souls. While one recognizes the importance of such beauty just like the glow of what is good and righteous in our world, yet every good and every beauty one would see, will be summed up in the body of Jesus as he lay on the cross. The completion of the vision and the completion of beauty and the beauty of perfection are all embedded in the image of the crucifixion and its powerful connotations.

As COVID19 plagues our world and lives, it is imperative that we obey the medical instructions that are meant to protect us against this virus and the measures that governments are applying to minimize its spread and repercussions. We should also fight this virus through our faith and trust that we are first and foremost protected by God’s grace. Believing in the existence of God, the holy Trinity, in our lives, helping us more and more so that we do not panic or fear. “Have no fear, for I am with you”, I am with
you until the end of days. Jesus Christ urges us to overcome the state that we are in, not because of the virus but rather out of fear?

The Church is the larger spiritual hospital in parallel of the physical and medical hospital. A large part of healing is done spiritually and there are plenty of examples in the modern history of patients who overcame their diseases and ailments through their faith and determination to conquer the disease. I stress, of course, that prevention is highly crucial. Anyone who is infected by COVID19 has the moral obligation of distancing him/herself from friends to avoid infecting them. He/she should immediately receive medical treatment to be cured. However, the moral obligation on the other hand is to maintain our ties to a Corona virus patient out of fear, but rather strengthen our relations with that patient out of love for him/her and a desire to support that patient in his/her time of need.