Surfers Not Street Children

Twenty years ago in 2000, Christ Church, Virginia Water funded Tom Hewitt to enable him to launch the street child charity, Umthombo in Durban, South Africa. Now twenty years on, Peacemaker Trust is pleased to promote his continuing work with Surfers not Street Children. In the light of the devastating impact of Covid-19, Tom has written,

“I could never have imagined that within the space of a few weeks our programmes would completely change and a number of our longstanding donors around the world would be struggling financially. It is heart-breaking.” Tom Hewitt MBE

Surfers Not Street Children has faced many challenges to ensure that street-connected children have access to safe play and development through surfing, mentorship & care in South Africa & Mozambique. 

We have never faced a challenge like Covid-19 presents now. With high levels of HIV/Aids we face particular risks.  In short we are committing to the following 5 step plan to support the children through the lockdowns in South Africa & Mozambique:

1. Ensured all participating children in safe local care over this period of lockdown
2. Our staff are supplying nutritional support to the children in need
3. Isolation activities for physical & mental well-being
4. Our social workers have set up a secure moderated what’s app group which each child has access to in their place of lockdown
5. Our staff continue to be paid

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