Bethlehem Bible College Covid-19 Appeal

Bethlehem Bible College has made a request for emergency assistance due to the impact of Covid-19 on Bethlehem.

“Bethlehem Bible College is the only institution of its kind in the Holy Land that trains Palestinians in Arabic for a BA in Biblical Studies and Christian Education, and MA in Christian Leadership and Ministry, Mass Media, Tour Guiding, and Hebrew Language. These programs enable students in this distressed area to have rigorous theological training within the Holy Land, helping to decrease “brain drain,” which diminishes future Christian leadership in the church and broader society.”

“The bigger need is to encourage the church’s continuing presence in the Holy Land by empowering the Christian minority. This is an urgent need due to the rapid decline of the Christian community over several decades from 9% to 1%. Palestinian Christians continue to leave the Holy Land as a result of the ongoing Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the physical and economic hardships that it creates. BethBC works alongside other Christian organizations to strengthen and revitalize the Christian community, while at the same time remaining a respected bridge to the larger Muslim (majority) community.

Annually the College trains 150-200 men and women, from both Christian and Muslim backgrounds, and reaches out to thousands in the community through humanitarian ministries. BethBC has increased the breadth of its impact through an Online Education Program. This will allow for quality theological education to be offered throughout the Middle East, where the growing number of church leaders often have no alternatives. Our Online Program is the first university level Program in Biblical Studies offered fully online in Arabic.

With the onset of the Covid-19 crisis resulting in the full lockdown of Bethlehem, Bethlehem Bible College is in critical need of your support. Much of our income comes from the tourist industry (which employs up to 60% of Bethlehem residents) through our Star Bazaar Gift Shop and Guest House. Up to a full one-third of our annual income ($645,000) comes from these local sources, and, if lost, could affect every program and outreach ministry of the College. Even now, our faculty and staff are working from home, making the transition from classroom-based to distance education. Other staff are assisting (as they are able) the poor and marginalized of our community to obtain much needed food boxes and medical assistance.”

If you wish to support Bethlehem Bible College you can do so here.