JAI 2021 Olive Tree Calendar

The Joint Advocacy Initiative Olive Tree Calendar 2021 is now available. You may order your desired desk/table hard copy/copies, from the JAI, at: info@jai-pal.org, to be posted to you. Please state your detailed postal address, mobile/telephone number, and desired number of copies, in your order.

Copies are free as gifts to JAI partners, friends, campaign supporters and promoters. Any contribution though to help cover the costs of production and postage is very much appreciated.

The 2021 Calendar includes:-

  • Stories and reflections of farmers, sponsors, campaign’ partners, picking and planting programs’ participants.
  • Updates on the Israeli occupation measures against Palestinian land, farmers and olive trees
  • Palestinian and international memorials and feasts
  • The JAI’ upcoming events and programs

I hope to participate in the YMCA ‘Keep Hope Alive’ olive tree planting initiaitve in February 2021. Find out more about how you can participate or contribute to the cost of olive saplings here.