Book Aid: 35 Million Christian Books Delivered

Delighted to meet up with Joyce at Jubilee Church in Southsea and Joseph from Book Aid Charitable Trust today. Joseph drove down from the Book Aid base in London to collect donated Christian books which, after sorting, will be delivered to other parts of the world to help resources churches.

Book Aid Charitable Trust was set up in order to make large shipments of new and secondhand Christian books and Bibles to these needy areas. In particular Book Aid supports Christian bookshops, mainly in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

In the 1980s a desperate plea came from Africa and other countries where economic crises and foreign currency restrictions had reduced supplies of Christian books to an all-time low. This cry for help from vast numbers of Christians suffering from “Book Famine” became impossible to ignore. Since then between 35 and 40 million books have been recycled and delivered.

Jubilee Church in Southsea generously stores the local donations from the Southampton and Portsmouth area before collection by Book Aid. Today we completely filled the Book Aid van. Joseph was pleased and I got a little exercise.