Book Aid: Remembering Bishop John Ellison

Yesterday I collected about 15 boxes of Christian literature for Book Aid from the Oasis Christian Centre in Romsey which acts as a hub for donations from customers. We then take on to Book Aid’s regional hub in Southsea.

Last week I also received a collection of theological books donated from the estate of the Right Revd John Ellison, former Anglican Bishop of Paraguay 1988-2007 who died in 2019. John had been a good friend, an occasional preacher at Christ Church, Virginia Water, and more recently, a member of the Peacemakers International Board of Reference. We are grateful to John’s family for some of his theological books donated to Book Aid. Andrew Symes wrote a moving testimony to John’s life and ministry for Anglican Mainstream. In these two short videos I interviewed Bishop John about the state of the Episcopal Church in North America and the Church of England.

In preparation for the first Provincial Assembly of the Anglican Church of North America, held in Bedford, Texas, 22-25 June 2009, Bishop John discussed the marks of a true church – apostolicity, catholicity, holiness and unity. He argues that the Church of England is in danger of becoming a backwater within Global Anglicanism if it fails to recognise and partner with the new province.

In May 2010, I interviewed Bishop John again. On this occasion, he spoke frankly about the Church of England and Anglican Communion.