Revd Dave Smith on the Pandemic and Social Justice in Australia

Reverend Dave Smith, also known as Father Dave or the Fighting Father, is an Anglican priest who served as parish priest for 30 years in Sydney’s inner-west. It was here he became known for his work with at-risk youth and was nominated three times for Australian of the Year.

He took up professional boxing in 1996 to help fund his youth programs and is currently Australia’s oldest active professional fighter. Father Dave is also well known for his social justice advocacy and inter-faith work. He is the father of four children and the author of two books, the most recent being “Christians and Muslims can be friends” (2020)

He is managing director of Fighting Fathers Ministries Pty. Ltd. and involved in management of our bush camp, boxing club, boxers for peace program, websites and social justice programs.

He has been involved in social justice work for many years – advocating for drug-affected youth, for refugees, and for peace between nations. Father Dave’s advocacy knows no bounds – when he heard the United Australia Party was looking for candidates, he knew this would be a new avenue to give back to his beloved community.

In this interview Revd Dave talks about the impact of the pandemic on personal freedoms and public health and the ongoing discrimination experienced by religious and ethnic minorities in Australia.

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