Nigeria: Military Rule, Religious Fanaticism and Persecution

More than five years ago, the Times newspaper published an editorial entitled ‘Spectators at the Carnage’. 

Persecution on the grounds of religious faith is a global phenomenon and is growing in scale and intensity. Reports including that of the United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur on ‘Freedom of Religion or Belief’ (FoRB) warn that religious persecution is increasing, and an “ever-growing threat”.Based on reports from various NGOs, it is estimated that about one third of the world’s population suffers from religious persecution in some form, with Christians being the most persecuted group.

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Peacemaking in Syria

Dave Smith, also known as Fighting Father Dave, is an Anglican priest in Australia. Father Dave is best known for his work with at-risk youths, especially in his use of boxing for those suffering from substance abuse problems and anger management issues. He is a 6th degree black belt as well as a professional boxer. He is also a member of the Peacemaker International Board of Reference. Stephen and Dave have worked together on reconciliation projects supporting peacemakers in Syria and Palestine.

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Book Aid: Feeding Hearts and Minds

Another bumper collection of Christian books donated to Book Aid from friends in Southampton and Portsmouth. Joseph loading the van at our Portsmouth storeroom this week. 

Book Aid Charitable Trust was set up in order to make large shipments of new and secondhand Christian books and Bibles to these needy areas. In particular Book Aid supports Christian bookshops, mainly in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.