Sight Magazine: Christian Peacemaking

David Adams, editor of Sight Magazine, interviewed me during a recent lecture tour of Australia. 

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Sight Magazine is an editorially independent, Australian-based website covering local and global news and issues from a Christian perspective.

Sight Magazine is a voice. 
A voice that is unashamedly Christian in its nature. 
A voice that has its roots here in Australia and yet one which now encompasses the diversity we find across the world. 
A voice that will always be raised in support of the poor, of the oppressed, of the Biblical “widows and orphans” – where-ever they may be found. 
And a voice that is about introducing people to a God who loves them regardless of who they are; a voice which is about inspiring and challenging those who count themselves followers of Jesus Christ to move on in their journey with Him.

Some of the comments following the article are typical of the Hasbara – who will try and discredit the messenger rather than respond to the message.

Spiritual Jogging in Australia

One of the upsides (or is that downsides?) or spending two weeks with a professional boxer is you cannot avoid getting involved in their fitness regime – physical and mental. During my recent lecture tour of Australia I went jogging with Father Dave Smith, his wife Angela and their dog Noodle, around Sydney Bay. Dave left me well behind as did Angela, but I was determined to keep up with Noodle. I failed…


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Visiting Moore College, Sydney

IMG_1989While staying in Sydney recently,  I was pleased to meet up with the Revd Dr Mark Thompson, Principal of Moore College and some of their faculty and students. Mark had previously visited Christ Church, Virginia Water, where I used to serve as vicar, for a GAFCON event.

Over the years, many of our church apprentices benefited from the theological training provided through Moore College online and correspondence courses. We discussed our mutual interest in providing resources for theological colleges in East Africa alongside the Christianity Explored course.

Dr Thompson said that when I am next in town he hopes to find a way for me to engage with interested students.

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