Churches Welcoming Refugees

Welcome Churches is a network of churches supporting asylum seekers and refugees in the UK. Our vision is for every refugee in the UK to be welcomed by their local church.

At the end of 2018 there were approximately 157,000 refugees and asylum seekers living in the UK (UNHCR, 2018). “If every church welcomed three people seeking refuge to their community then we could easily see our vision become a reality! No matter where your church is, there is something that you can do to welcome refugees and asylum seekers into your community.”

Welcome Churches provides training to help better understand the refugee experience and for churches to help refugees and asylum seekers apply for leave to remain, with resettlement and integration.

Welcome Churches also facilitates a national referral system to help refugees find a local church in their area, as well as training, support and connection with other Welcome Churches.

Stephen recently attended one such training event held in London which included helpful contributions by experts in immigration law and trauma care as well as self-care for those working with refugees.

Welcome Churches are building a network of churches around the UK committed to welcoming refugees. This means that as refugees and asylum seekers move around the UK, they can easily find a church to welcome them into the community. Please join the network and help fulfil the vision “No refugee alone”.