Peacemakers US Tour

Joining Hands for Justice in Israel & Palestine recently invited Stephen to give a series of presentations on the Bible, Israel and the Church as well as a critique of Christian Zionism in Atlanta, Georgia.

He spoke at a breakfast for staff and students at Columbia Theological Seminary and at a lunch for African-American pastors. They empathised with Palestinians who experience the same racist policies of segregation and discrimination which are still prevalent in parts of the USA.

As Archbishop Desmond Tutu once said, “If apartheid ended, so can this occupation, but the moral force and international pressure will have to be just as determined.”

Stephen also gave public lectures at both Columbia Seminary and Mercer University as well as preached and taught Sunday school at Fairview Presbyterian Church, a church which is actually older than the city of Atlanta.

The Coalition for Peace with Justice, together with the Abrahamic Initiative for the Middle East, invited Stephen to give two presentations in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Stephen also spoke at the Muslim Community Centre and Masjid Ash Shaheed mosque, both in Charlotte. They were keen to understand the historical roots and political agenda of Christian Zionism which has undergirded Western colonialism in the Middle East.