Peacemakers at Spring Harvest

Peacemaker Trust partnered with Middle East Evangelical Concern (MECC) to advocate on behalf of Christians in Palestine in the Hub at Spring Harvest, Minehead.

David Carter explains why we are advocating for Palestinian Christians at Spring Harvest

We are advocating for the Christian community in Palestine and promoting the work of the following indigenous charities and NGOs serving the Palestinian community, especially those working for justice, peace and reconciliation.

Several staff of Bethlehem Bible College featured in videos shown to visitors to the Spring Harvest Exhibition Hub. The Rev John Angle, chairman of the Hope Christian Trust has also assisted with the exhibition.

A short interview with John about the Christian community in Gaza, posted on Facebook, was viewed by nearly 1,500 people in 24 hours.

The level of interest in, as well as awareness of, the plight of Palestinian Christians has been very encouraging.