Christianity Explored in West Nile, Uganda

Jim McAnlis, Shadrach Lukwago, Sam Oyirwoth and I returned to Arua in North West Uganda in late August to train 95 student leaders and youth leaders in the Diocese of West Nile to use the Christianity Explored course at the invitation of Bishop Charles Andaku.

The benefits of the training we gave in January 2018 when CE was first launched in Arua was clearly evident 18 months on. Joshua Anguyo is the Regional Coordinator of Scripture Union in North West Uganda. He organised both training conferences and is encouraging all SU youth leaders to use CE in their churches and communities. Around 20% of those attending the conference this year are already using CE. I interviewed Sam about the impact of the training last year in this short video.

The journey to Arua took three days with breaks in Doha, Kampala and Gulu. The Diocese of Arua borders South Sudan in the north and the Congo in the West and is also home to thousands of refugees from both countries living semi-permanently in sprawling UN camps.

On our journey to Arua we also met with Bishop Johnson to explore a possible partnership between Christianity Explored and Gulu Diocese. We hope to provide theological training for their lay leaders and chaplains through their Vocational Training Institute in January 2020.

Christianity Explored East Africa (CEEA) is working closely with several other mission partners including the Bible Society, Fields of Life and the Anglican Diocese of Madi and West Nile. The training was well received.